Returning Citizens Association

Many people have been systematically impacted by mass incarceration in one form or another. The systems has many issues. What are the issues of incarceration? Individuals released from prison must find housing, employment, and access to health care, in addition to reintegrating themselves with their families and communities. We are a collection of SYSTEM IMPACTED individuals. Our families have endured generations of structural racism, income and wealth inequality, and the devastation that mass incarceration has caused our communities. Helping families heal post incarceration with our non-clinical mental health component has made a difference in our lives.

A Conversationm With RCA Podcast

Meet Your Hosts

Richard & Andrea Gaines

A dynamic couple who have overcome obstacles and become shining examples for others. Together, they operate multiple successful companies, including Capital Gaines LLC, R Bay Merch, and their latest venture, Returning Citizens Association (RCA). 

The Gaines family includes four daughters, Rickiesha, Tierra, Sarah, and Erica, and five grandchildren, Ki’Ajeah, William, Ki’ Chet, Jionni, and Jamarion. 

RCA Team

Dedicated and committed to supporting the mission of increasing the economic, political, and social capital of returning citizens in the U.S. Our team is driven by a shared vision of creating a more inclusive and equitable society, where every individual has the opportunity to rebuild their lives after incarceration. Drawing from our personal experiences, we understand the challenges faced by returning citizens and are passionate and empowering them to thrive.  Join us on this transformative journey together, we can build a more just and compassionate America.

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