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Welcome to the Official Capital Gaines LLC, Publishing site! Where we offer Incarcerated Individuals a Literary Chance.

Here, authors are recognized and supported as artists. We believe in bridging the gap between the freedom within self-publishing and the expertise within traditional paths. Our authors are encouraged to maintain their creative control and direction over their publications while leveraging the resources and reach of a full publishing house.

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Publishing done write. Becoming a published author is very possible for any and everyone who is interested and willing to do the work. The methods and procedures used is what makes this process of publishing a fulfilling process in more ways than one.
Richard Gaines II
Founder & Author
Let's Make Your Publishing Ideas and Goals a Reality! Together!

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If your manuscript is ready for a professional edit, then we are ready to begin discussing go-to-market strategies, branding, cover designs, and all of the other exciting aspects of publishing while the editing process is being finalized.

No. Capital Gaines LLC, believes in breaking down the barriers of publishing, vanity publishers accept an author’s payment, will take a book to print, and then leave an author to self-promote with little-to-no support. Capital Gaines LLC Publishing is a partnership between author and publisher from the beginning and well into the lifetime of author and book. We succeed together.

Absolutely. We encourage recognition for published works in all aspects. 

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We aim to make the production process as smooth and seamless as possible. 

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