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At Capital Gaines LLC we offer products bolstered by a wealth of real-world experience and we are committed to giving coordinated help to our incarcerated AUTHORS seeking legitimate sources of income.


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Breaking the chains of violence is an arduous yet essential journey towards fostering a harmonious and compassionate society. It requires collective determination and unwavering commitment to dismantling the cycle of aggression and replacing it with empathy and understanding. Breaking these chains demands introspection, acknowledging the roots of violence, and addressing the deep-seated issues that perpetuate it. Through education, awareness, and open dialogue, we can challenge the prevailing norms that condone aggression and replace them with values that celebrate tolerance, non-violence, and conflict resolution. By nurturing a culture of respect and kindness, we can liberate ourselves and future generations from the oppressive bonds of violence, forging a path towards a world where compassion and cooperation triumph over hostility and discord.

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Richard “Ricky” Gaines.

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This is a book favorite full of suspense and possibility. Roxanne gets lead down an unexpected course that leads her into the dangerous unknown. Will she survive?  Can she make it?

A.C. Bellard

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