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We offer a wide range of services to help make publishing a reality.

At Capital Gaines, we read every book we publish, and we provide crucial feedback about your book’s strengths and where it can be improved.

We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of authors and aspiring writers. With a passion for nurturing creativity and bringing compelling stories to life, we provide editorial services, including proofreading, copyediting, and developmental editing, to ensure the highest quality of manuscripts. Our team of talented designers crafts eye-catching book covers and interior layouts that captivate readers and reflect the essence of their written work. 

We guide authors through the publishing process, offering assistance with formatting, printing, and distribution, both in print and digital formats. Moreover, our marketing and promotional support empowers authors to reach wider audiences and establish a strong presence in the literary world. From manuscript to market, our dedication to excellence and creativity drives our mission of fostering literary talent and making dreams of successful publication a reality.

Purchase standalone services or add editing to any Publishing Path – Call us at 302-463-6777 or send us an email to get connected.


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We don’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach to publishing.

From your first contact with us, you will be going over our Publishing Services with a goal to get to know you, your book, and your publishing goals. Consider us your personal liaison to the world of publishing services.

 After speaking with a consultant and an agreement is reached you can submit your completed manuscript. 

Editing Services

Having an editor polish your manuscript reduces distractions that can diminish your book’s readability.

Our editors examine your manuscript to ensure it meets the expectations of a discriminating book market.

Manuscript Evaluation, will identify a clear path to an editing approach that will best serve you, your manuscript, and your goals.

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Editors Manuscript Evaluation

Price: $399

The initial stage of the editing process involves identifying the specific editing requirements that would benefit your manuscript the most. Through an Editor’s Manuscript Evaluation, our skilled editor will carefully review your work, analyzing its strengths and weaknesses, and propose enhancements. This assessment will also include personalized recommendations on which editing services are best suited to significantly enhance the quality of your book. As with all our editing offerings, your editor will thoroughly read your entire manuscript and provide you with a comprehensive written evaluation.

Content Editing

Content editing goes beyond just addressing mechanical needs and delves deep into the manuscript to enhance its overall quality. It involves working with both the content and structure of the writing. A content edit aims to clarify the intended meaning, remove unnecessary words or jargon, and ensure precise vocabulary usage.

If your book requires light to medium copy editing and support in organizing ideas, developing the plot or argument, maintaining consistent character portrayal, or refining expression, then content editing is an excellent choice. It will elevate the overall coherence and effectiveness of your manuscript.

Back Cover Copy

From: $299

In defiance of the old saying, it remains true that people indeed judge a book by its cover. While a captivating front cover can draw attention, it is the back cover that ultimately seals the deal. This is precisely why we dedicate special care and attention to crafting the back cover copy for your book. By collaborating with you, we will create compelling and persuasive content aimed at enticing your readers to open the book and immerse themselves in an enjoyable reading experience.


Now that your book is complete, it’s time to get the word out. Capital Gaines LLC. will be alongside you. We’ll begin promotional efforts, such as reaching out to booksellers in your area to let them know your book is available. We take it online. Take advantage of online searches, sales and publication directories.


Print on Deman Distribution

Making Your Book Available Worldwide. We get to work making sure your book is available. There are plenty of ways for readers to order your book. We fulfill orders from Amazon.com and the Kindle Store. We can distribute your book both in printed and e-book format.

A Unique Approach

Every Capital Gaines LLC. author has different goals, and every contract is built to reflect them.

 After speaking with a consultant and an agreement is reached you can submit your completed manuscript. You’ll receive a custom publishing proposal to review, uniquely based on your goals and your work.

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